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Phototherapy Patches - Supports performance and shortens recovery time, allowing you to do more, better, faster. 

Experience Pain Relief, More Energy, Better Sleep, A More Vibrate Younger You And More. What use to be science fiction is now a solution to Aging. Power up your performance, naturally.


305-LIFE BLEND hydration was created by experts to get you moving -  reduce muscle pain, increase energy, improve immunity & digestion


Revolutionary  Cannabinoid Products for Athletes


Revolutionary! Slam Master Pickleball Practice/Training/Drill Paddle 


Accelerate recovery and reduce pain, swelling, and soreness in and around your knee with the world's only compression sleeves using built-in kinesiology strips.


  • Supports proper hydration and oxygenation Provides a natural source of energy May support healthy blood sugar levels


PB1965 provides fashionable, efficient, and affordable apparel for those that play the great sport of Pickleball.




diNGK Sports, Inc., has designed and engineered a one of a kind paddle that match the player’s performance and unique style.


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