Victoria is a Colombian native. She has spent her life between the US and Colombia. Lives in sunny Florida on the beautiful west coast in the Sarasota- Bradenton area, enjoying everything related to the outdoors, vibrant friendship and community. She has two beautiful, healthy college children, a son, an aspiring entrepreneur and daughter, half-way into medical school.

She holds a Master’s degree in marketing and spent 25 plus years as a marketing executive in fortune 100 companies in leadership roles including Project Management for multicultural and international marketing projects, communications and branding, website and social media management and global event management.

Semi-retired from corporate since 2014 to freelance and apply her experience and knowledge to support entrepreneurs and learn to become one herself! She followed her passion for health and especially happiness and got certified in Kundalini Yoga, founded her own company.

She is focused on meaningful, natural, groundbreaking ways to improve human life and help all people live an active, happy and healthy lifestyle!

So when she was introduced to pickleball a couple of years ago, it was an instant heart felt connection!

The fun people have at the courts, watching players of all levels and backgrounds coexist and the amazing friendships people gain in the pickleball community, have fueled her passion for Pickleball. Everyday she asks the fundamental question to herself that all enthusiast players do: “Where am I going to play pickleball today?”

Victoria looks forward to watching the game’s grassroots movement grow strong all around the world and to be a key part of that movement!