About Us

Pickleball Connections was created to bring pickleball enthusiasts together from courts and communities around the country. Our company founder, Harris Williams, quickly understood the sense of inclusiveness and joy that pickleball exemplifies. He saw an opportunity to take that experience nationwide. Because pickleball is still relatively unknown, despite being the fastest growing sport in the world, Harris knew it made perfect sense to create Pickleball Connections. Pickleball Connections is the most meaningful way that pickleball players of all levels can impact their communities in a positive way!

Through relationships that were solidified within the pickleball community, Harris joined forces with Jake Kevorkian and former NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry. Through this team’s efforts, Pickleball Connections became a reality.

Pickleball Connections’ flagship office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The team has a footprint along the entire coast of Florida, as well as in Texas, Arizona, and beyond.


Pickleball Connections strives for individuals of all levels to feel connected in meaningful ways to their communities and with one another. While “meaningful” may have a different definition for each person, Pickleball Connections is the binding tie that brings communities, players, employees, suppliers, partners, and enthusiasts together.

Core Values
  • Inclusiveness: Everybody is welcome.
  • Recognition: Participants’ accomplishments are always celebrated.
  • Fun: Always play in pursuit of joy and with light-hearted spirit.
  • Communication: Thoughts are communicated clearly and kindly.
  • Kindness: Do unto others as you have them done unto you (the Golden Rule).
  • Integrity: Choose to do the right thing, and do no harm.
  • Partnership: We all strive to be enthusiastic fans of each other.
  • Attitude: Anything is possible.
  • Balance: Health and emotional well-being are the priorities, performance is next.

Inspire individuals around the world to live life to the fullest through the game of pickleball in a connected, joyful, and unified manner.


Empower pickleball players by providing them with the best resources available and connecting them to global pickleball communities.