Pickleball Connections’ creative motivation and purpose is to bring pickleball enthusiasts together from courts and communities around the country. Our founder, Harris Williams Jr, understood the sense of inclusiveness and joy that pickleball exemplifies. He saw an opportunity to grow that experience nationwide. While pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world, Harris noticed that it was still relatively unknown in most areas, making Pickleball Connections the perfect solution. Pickleball Connections is the most meaningful way pickleball players of all levels and ages can impact their communities in a positive way!


Our intention is to create the largest community database of pickleball enthusiasts in the world. We connect them to our robust suite of products/services and create a mutually beneficial relationship that is seamless for our members.

We accomplish this goal in a variety of ways. First, we provide value to our new members by gifting them a FREE $50 credit towards their pickleball experience simply for signing up at pickleballconnections.org. In addition to this offer, our website has hundreds of dollars in savings made available through vendors like you for our members to take advantage of.

Our growth has been unprecedented, and we have historically successful strategies to prove it. Some of our strategies for growth include:

  • Top Tier Ambassador Program
  • Highly Touted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Partners
  • Robust Prospect Targeting and Email Marketing
  • Veteran Social Media Marketing Team

Utilizing our world-class team of entrepreneurs and pickleball evangelists, our roadmap for growing the sport is crystal clear. We want to be as transparent as possible when picking our partners to ensure that our relationships and joint visions are a great fit, every time.


Our vendors will have high visibility and exposure to the largest global database of pickleball enthusiasts in the world. Vendors products and services will be highly sought after, marketed, and purchased from our website. We plan to offer only the most logical options for our community of beginner, novice, advanced, and professional players. We believe your product can be one of those options.


We have a talented, experienced, and proven corporate team that has correctly predicted trends in health and fitness for the last 35 years. Our success with marketing towards Gen-X and Baby Boomers is a perfect recipe for success when it comes to Pickleball Connections. Our dream team includes men and women from every generation with expertise in: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Direct Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and much more. We have the unique ability to successfully combine “high touch” with “high tech.” In addition, Rick Barry, former NBA player and Hall of Fame member is an integral part of our team. He brings tremendous credibility to all of our vendor partners as an owner and active team member of Pickleball Connections.


What we ask of our potential vendor partners is simple. We recommend providing a negotiated discount on specific products and/or services that our members could not get anywhere else. A small commission (mutually agreed upon) for any business driven to you through our database will be paid to Pickleball Connections. We recognize that all products are different and, therefore, have different profit margins. Each agreement with our vendors will be fairly negotiated, agreed upon, based on its own merits, and sold individually.