1) Each Ambassador will receive the highest level lifetime membership for FREE.

2) Each Ambassador will have access to the highest valued discounts on all products, services, and swag.

3) Each Ambassador will be featured and promoted with their complete story on our site. This will help add visibility and credibility for them in the pickleball community.

4) Each Ambassador is eligible to participate in the Ambassador bonus and residual income program. This program is based on individual production and participation. Details on preferred bonus pool to be announced.

5) Each Ambassador (if also a coach) will be promoted on the “Instructional Section” of the website with their bio featured for individuals looking for lessons.

6) Each Ambassador will have opportunities to win FREE trips.

7) Each Ambassador will have FREE access to the Pickleball Tax Deductions system, which will allow them to turn passion into profit. Details on the tax program will be announced soon.


1) Represent the Pickleball Connections brand with pride and help us make Pickleball Connections the “go-to site” for pickleball enthusiasts globally.

2) Participate in regularly scheduled monthly meetings to discuss and improve the Ambassador experience. Announcements and updates will also be given at these meetings.

3) Embody the vision and mission statements of Pickleball Connections, support the purpose with passion, be in sync with our company values, and help make our values a reality.

4) Have a positive impact on the game and all members who join this community.

5) Consistently refer individuals to try out our FREE and paid memberships.

6) Post videos, pics, comments, and likes on the Pickleball Connections Facebook page and be available to help create content for the website.

7) For those competing in events, wear the Pickleball Connections brand in at least three tournaments per year.

8) Offer ongoing insights and suggestions to help constantly improve member experience.

9) Maintain your passion for helping grow this great game by introducing and helping new players when given the opportunity.

10) Help identify and forge relationships with vendor partners that are a good fit for the Pickleball Connections’ mission.