Pickleball players are often extremely excited about the game but lack the resources for proper education, training, and connection to their community. They also do not have access to the best products at low rates. As a member of the Pickleball Connections community, all of these problems are resolved. A Pickleball Connections membership gives individuals access to the best training & techniques, proper gear & accessories, and world-class health products to help them stay injury-free. This is the only membership of its kind and helps players of all levels solve the most relevant and pressing problems in the sport.


Our membership connects you to your local (and national) pickleball community. It also gives you access to resources such as: court finders, rulebooks, coaching, training, and much more – all in one place! Our growing network has players all across the United States who are looking to play and train with people like you. If you are unsure about any aspects of the game, we offer resources to deal with those concerns. Pickleball Connections is also perfect for those traveling who are looking to get a few games in on the road.


Looking to improve your game? Our team provides a comprehensive list of professional pickleball coaches who are ready to help. All of our members receive weekly newsletters with video tips by our professionals on ways that you can improve your pickleball game.

Our pros also join our weekly, members-only Facebook Live streams to share additional tips and training to help players perform at their peak. As a member, you have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with our pros to take your game to the next level.


One of the most common issues arising in pickleball is the uptick in injuries. Pickleball Connections has partnered up with the top vendors in the industry to give our members access to the best products with significant discounts. These are products you may already be using but will need to buy repeatedly because you run out, want to upgrade, or wear the product down through constant usage. From paddles and clothes, to health and hydration supplements, Pickleball Connections has it all at extremely discounted rates. Membership with us will ensure you have access to everything you need to play better and stay healthier – all while saving money  




1) Each Ambassador will receive the highest level membership based on membership package selected.

2) Each Ambassador will have access to the highest valued discounts on all products, services, and swag.

3) Each Founding Ambassador will be featured and promoted with their complete story on our site. This will help add visibility and credibility for them in the pickleball community.

4) Each Founding Ambassador is eligible to participate in the Ambassador bonus and residual income program. This program is based on individual production and participation. 

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5) Each Founding Ambassador (if also a coach) will be promoted on the “Instructional Section” of the website with their bio featured for individuals looking for lessons.

6) Each Founding Ambassador will have opportunities to win FREE trips.

7) Each Founding Ambassador will have FREE access to the Pickleball Tax Deductions system, which will allow them to turn passion into profit. Details on the tax program will be announced soon.


1) Represent the Pickleball Connections brand with pride and help us make Pickleball Connections the “go-to site” for pickleball enthusiasts globally.

2) Understand, support, and practice that pickleball is an inclusive game and sport. Knowledge of this for Ambassadors is very important. This is especially important when considering inviting “non-pickleball-players” to give the game a try.

3) Participate in regularly scheduled monthly meetings to discuss and improve the Ambassador experience. Announcements and updates will also be given at these meetings.

4) Have a positive impact on the game and all members who join this community.  
 5) Embody the vision and mission statements of Pickleball Connections, which is to promote the development and growth of pickleball in the United States and its territories. This includes supporting the goal of Pickleball Connections, to grow the game for virtually everyone. Support the purpose with passion, be in sync with our company values, and help make our values a reality.

6) Have a positive impact on the game and all members who join this community. And organizing, conducting, or otherwise assisting with “beginner” sessions, introducing new players to the game.

7) Consistently refer individuals to try out our FREE and paid memberships.

8) Promote and encourage to try out our FREE and paid memberships to Pickleball Connections through our marketing brochures and by directing potential members to our mobile app or website.

8)  Post videos, pics, comments, and likes on the Pickleball Connections Facebook page and be available to help create content for the website.

10) Promote goodwill with other Ambassadors, players, facility representatives, Tournament Directors, and the general public.

11) Become familiar with, support, and abide by the Official Rules of Pickleball.

12) Understand, support, and practice the Pickleball Connections Sportsmanship guidelines.

13) For those competing in events, wear the Pickleball Connections brand in at least three tournaments per year.

14) Offer ongoing insights and suggestions to help constantly improve member experience.

15) Maintain your passion for helping grow this great game by introducing and helping new players when given the opportunity.

16) Help identify and forge relationships with vendor partners that are a good fit for the Pickleball Connections’ mission